"As a healthcare leader managing innovative practice changes across multi-clinic organizations, various organizations, and healthcare systems, I have found Florence's quality improvement knowledge and skills (and her wise council) to be keys to success!  Her ability to listen closely to challenges and identify collaborative ways forward is empowering to her clients. There have been many moments in working with Florence where I simply stood in awe as she methodically, collaboratively, and relationally worked through complex problems to solutions with diverse groups.  She has my highest respect, appreciation, and reference!" 

~ Julie Oyemaja, PsyD, Executive Director


"Florence possesses the outstanding ability to explain and teach the Lean/Six Sigma process to staff who have had no previous experience.  She can coach them through the process to yield a high quality product that can be transformed into improved outcomes.  In completing her work, she maintains detailed written performance documentation that needs no explanation.

Florence's work ethic inspires others to do better, work harder and personally invest in the project at hand.  She lifts the team to a higher standard-- to take pride in the work being done with her positive attitude and cooperative nature.

As a result of her work, Florence provides meaningful information to decision makers that helps in the preparation and implementation of projects." 

~ Patricia Albarran, BSN, RN EPIC Optimization Consultant


"I've worked with Florence Gerber for 7 years. Florence is a master of getting to the heart of the matter. She asks incisive questions to understand what is going on, who is (or should be) responsible, and pin-points areas for improvement. I've heard Florence praised by many of our staff for her organization, positive attitude and ability to get things done effectively. One project she worked on was a system wide project collaboration to improve our approach in our 8 primary care health centers. She facilitated a cross functional Kaizen event. The outcome was a comprehensive user manual consisting of standard process flow with roles and responsibilities including culturally sensitive patient education materials.  If I wanted to understand a problem and implement a sustainable solution, Florence Gerber is who I would ask to lead the work!"

~ Sylvia Ness, Program Supervisor


"Florence truly has a gift for helping people and organizations become more effective, efficient, and happy. She has a great passion for partnering with teams to help them zero in on the crucial process changes they can implement that make a real difference in their ability to better serve their clients, create more job satisfaction for their staff, and do better work in the world. Florence is not only a skilled teacher and coach, but a consensus-builder and cheerleader, making each step of the quality improvement process attainable, accessible, rewarding, and most of all, successful."

~ Erin Connelly, Sr. Program Specialist 


"Florence brings an effective, fun and non-traditional method of teaching and learning to the classroom. Students always leave her class with a new piece of information and more importantly a method on how to apply it in the real world." 

~ Stacey Jannsen, MBA, Manager


Florence is a knowledgeable expert in quality improvement - her many years of experience in healthcare is a reflection of this. She works with individuals to set them up for success in understanding and implementing quality improvement methodologies not only in their professional work, but in everyday lives as well. I had the pleasure of having Florence as a mentor and she worked with me towards my goals and ensured that I was set up on a path towards success. Under Florence’s guidance, I received my greenbelt in Lean Six Sigma. It has helped me tremendously, coupled with my quality improvement work with Florence, and often times, a conversation starter on my resume. Healthcare organizations are moving towards quality improvement and having the experience with Florence is something I am extremely grateful for as it has opened many doors for me in my own career evolution. I am now working in healthcare technology and am still utilizing what I’ve learned from Florence in my daily work.

~ Lilliann Tran, Project Manager


"I have had the fortuity of working alongside Florence at clinical quality improvement team meetings, where she never fails to demonstrate her strong facilitation skills with groups from varied backgrounds, a multitude of different job functions, and job classes. Florence is a systematic, forward thinker; well-versed in Lean methodology. Florence is dedicated to her client's success, evident as she immerses herself uniquely into each of the improvement efforts she is leading. She has been essential in spearheading the creation of a culture of quality improvement and tailoring it to the different needs of a diverse workforce. Florence would be a true asset to any organization seeking quality improvement expertise.

~ Michael Veraz, Senior Research & Evaluation Analyst