Mariano and Associates, LLC

Specializes in Operational and Performance Continuous Improvements

Florence Gerber, MBA founded Mariano and Associates, LLC to partner with government, educational, healthcare organizations, and small businesses to strategically simplify processes. Creating trusting dialogue is essential with diverse cross functional work groups where participants feel safe to share innovative ideas for improvements maximizing on tangible and intangible resources.

Mariano and Associates, LLC are practitioners and consultants and act as an extension of client's improvement teams immersing in daily operations to fully understand the work. We play an active role leading improvement initiatives through facilitation, education and coaching. 

Outcomes of initiatives improve individual, team, department and system wide processes.  With over 25 years of experience leading improvement projects, Mariano and Associates, LLC uses evidence based process improvement techniques, such as Lean Six Sigma. We apply evidence based practice in all improvement initiatives; such as the Baldrige Performance Excellence, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence, Jerald Greenberg's Behavior in Organizations, Bridge's Transition Model for change management and Peter Senge's The Fifth Discipline systems thinking. 


Understand client needs for a lasting partnership


Apply evidence based continuous quality and process improvement methodologies and techniques to improve and sustain daily operations of organizations


Ethical business practices for integrity

Mariano and Associates, LLC meets the State of Oregon eligibility requirements as established in OAR 123-200-1000 to 123-200-2200.  

Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID) #11837

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