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Mariano and Associates, LLC and Our Clients Collaborate as a Team

The partnership combines our knowledge and practical application of leadership, organizational behavior, and operational improvement methods along with the expertise of staff and managers through facilitative dialogue to share creative ideas that become a reality for innovative solutions. 

Our T-E-A-M Approach™

Talk for a common understanding of the issue

Evaluate the current state

Act on I-M-P-R-O-V-Ement™ opportunities

Maintain the gains for the changes

Concluded services consists any of the following:

Experts in Continuous Improvement Projects

What is the difference between a project and a continuous improvement project?

A project’s goal incorporates a new product or service into the organization.

A continuous improvement project’s goal is redesigning current processes to increase effectiveness and efficiency focusing on internal and external customers to meet needs and add value. 

Mariano and Associates, LLC works closely with leadership to continuously sustain significant gains from previous improvement projects for a thriving organization. 

Our Clients...

Principles We Abide By 


Ensure physical and emotional safety with interpersonal interactions. 


Provide clear and consistent information. 

Peer Support

Utilize lived experiences and stories. 


Make decisions with individual and sharing power. 


Recognize and build upon individual strengths and experiences.


Value diversity, equity, and inclusion.